Monica Turner

Photo of Monica TurnerMonica G. Turner is the Eugene P. Odum Professor of Ecology and a Vilas Research Professor in the Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research emphasizes causes and consequences of spatial patterns in ecological systems, focusing primarily on ecosystem and landscape ecology. Turner has led studies in Greater Yellowstone (Wyoming, USA) for >25 years and is interested in whether fires and climate warming could interact to produce abrupt changes in subalpine forests.


Representative publications:

Romme, W. H., M. S. Boyce, R. E. Gresswell, E. H. Merrill, G. W. Minshall, C. Whitlock and M. G. Turner. 2011. Twenty years after the 1988 Yellowstone fires: lessons about disturbance and ecosystems. Ecosystems 14:1196-1215.

Westerling, A. L., M. G. Turner, E. A. H. Smithwick, W. H. Romme and M. G. Ryan. 2011. Continued warming could transform Greater Yellowstone fire regimes by mid-21st century. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108:13165-13170.

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Harvey, B. J., D. C. Donato and M. G. Turner. 2016. High and dry: Postfire drought and large stand-replacing burn patches reduce postfire tree regeneration in subalpine forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography 25:655-669.

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Turner, M. G., D. C. Donato, W. D. Hansen, B. J. Harvey, W. H. Romme, and A. L. Westerling. 2016. Climate change and novel disturbance regimes in national park landscapes. Pages 77-101 In: S. R. Beissinger, D. D. Ackerly, H. Doremus, and G. Machlis, editors. Science, Conservation, and National Parks. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL.

Turner, M. G., T. G. Whitby, D. B. Tinker, and W. H. Romme. 2016. Twenty-four years after the Yellowstone Fires: Are postfire lodgepole pine stands converging in structure and function? Ecology 97:1260-1273.

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Rose, K. C., R. A. Graves, W. D. Hansen, B. J. Harvey, J. Qiu, S. A. Wood, C. Ziter, and M. G. Turner. 2017. Historical foundations and future directions in macrosystems ecology. Ecology Letters 20:147-157.




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